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Richard Francis Schaden is an aeronautical engineer and attorney who has had a distinguished career as an international aviation and public interest attorney. He is viewed as one of the world’s preeminent aviation attorneys.
Building on his engineering background and his prior work experience as a Flight Test Engineer for Boeing Aircraft Company and a Jet Engine Project Engineer for Continental Aviation and Engineering Corporation, Richard discovered early in his career that he could do some of his best aeronautical engineering and re-engineering, and make general aviation safer, in the courtroom, rather than as an engineer in the aviation industry.
With five decades of successful litigation and trial work experience, encompassing over 400 aviation accident cases, Richard has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in courtroom verdicts and settlements.
Richard is also an active pilot, holding an Air Transport Pilot certificate including several jet type ratings.
He sits on the External Advisory Board of the University of Colorado Aerospace Department, and founded the Schaden Chair in Experiential Learning at the University of Colorado’s Law School. Richard is an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado, College of Engineering & Applied Science, where he designed and teaches a multi-disciplinary course bridging the concepts of engineering and law for students in both CU’s engineering and law programs.